Our Priority

Distinct, Dedicated and Personalised Solutions

Law Trust Group can assist you with Tax Planning, Asset Protection and Setting-Up your Company in Low Tax Jurisdictions.

Since its establishment, Law Trust has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of corporate and trust services to both domestic and international markets.

Law Trust will look for the solution that allows you to pay the minimum amount of taxes. Law Trust will also provide you with the optimal asset protection and estate planning strategy. And we can advise in which country or free zone is best to set up your company. We will assist you by doing the paperwork needed to set up your business. We will also explore the best banking solution for you. And we can provide you with a bank introduction and provide the required paperwork to the bank.

We are a team of specialist staff with extensive experience in international tax planning, corporate planning and support, financial reporting, management consultancy.

The UAE’s strategic location between Asia, Europe and Africa is a major advantage to investors, particularly the country’s proximity to some of the world’s fastest growing economies in Asia. Collectively India and China alone comprise almost 40 percent of the world’s total population and support a combined GDP in excess of US$5 trillion, providing significant economic and trading opportunities. We have identified Dubai as an ideal location for international organizations to do business or manage their operations. Our company has its origins in Europe, however we manage ours' and clients' global operations from our management base in Dubai. We have a wide portfolio of clients and associates in virtually all significant jurisdictions and we look forward to hear from you.

Our aim is to deliver a distinctly different level of service, which focuses on developing long term partnerships with our clients. Our uniquely personal approach ensures that we have a clear and thorough understanding of your particular circumstances and expectations, so that we can deliver a tailored level of service which fits you and your family’s needs exactly.

Full Service Delivery

Law Trust is structured as a multi-disciplinary business, comprising a carefully selected group of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants (www.icaew.com), Trust Officers and Corporate Administrators (www.step.org), highly experienced in each and every aspect of the fiduciary business.

Many of the cases that we deal with, are complex and often require cross border solutions in areas such as tax planning and asset protection. With our global reach and professional team, Law Trust is well placed to be able to provide effective and tax efficient solutions.

In every situation that we encounter, our priority is to deliver high quality, client focused solutions that are committed to wealth creation and preservation. We believe in traditional values, in listening to our clients and in arranging the best mix of professional skill and jurisdictional advantage, in order to achieve our clients' goals. These are the principles that define Law Trust and are the hallmark of our success.